Suljam at Rails Girls London 2019

Last weekend we went along to Rails Girls London to volunteer coach women who are interested in making apps and websites.


This event is held every year and is one of many that happen internationally, run by volunteers. A great team of people come together to make the web industry more accessible to women from 18 to 80! We arrived on Friday evening to help the students set up Ruby on Rails on their computers so that we’d be ready to go on Saturday morning. We met and supported some great ladies who were inspiring and gifted, their plans and reasons for wanting to learn to code are fascinating. There was a real party atmosphere, pizza, snacks, a DJ and the photo booth were all there, we had way too much fun with that photo booth!

I felt unstoppable and went away to spread the word that a career development is a real possibility to all.

─ Jameella

The next day is structured into intro and coffee, lots of coffee, then we do a simple 20 min basic coding tutorial to be sure that we’re all set up and ready to go. Before lunch there were a series of lightning talks from people in the business, a lot of them from professional female developers.
Students come along with their laptops and grab a black t-shirt, coaches wear red. This helps us identify one another.

We were two of over 150 coaches, the ratio of coaches to students is pretty much 1:1. This is great for building skills and confidence for people new to coding. You don't have to be particularly interested in coding in Ruby on Rails to come as the whole day is an intro to coding as a whole. As I mentioned some of my favorite sites are built in Ruby including Airbnb and Deliveroo. Travel and food ! Diversity in our industry and educating the next generation of web developers and designers are both topics very close to our hearts.


Last year I had never made anything in code except the most basic of websites using HTML. After attending Rails Girls as a student and absorbing the epic positive vibe. Speaking to vetern female coders who are building sites that I knew and love using Ruby on Rails We drank coffee, ate delicious cakes made new friends, used Slack a lot and with the careful patient attention of my coach I ended the day by uploading my first simple app to GitHub.

I felt unstoppable and went away to spread the word that a career development is a real possibility to all.
To return this year along with Sul as a coach was a great honour. Thank you for having us, we hope we helped spur on lots of female budding coders. We are already planning to return next year.

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