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The process & how it works

There are five main stages of how suljam approaches design projects. All design projects are solving problems and it is important to understand these before beginning any design work.

First, suljam starts with Empathy whilst understanding the problems we are trying to solve. From here suljam then Defines which direction to take by gathering the information that we found out from the previous stage. The next step would be to Ideate which is the thinking stage. With all the information gathered by now, suljam moves on to the Prototyping which will test the concepts in a low fidelity visually functional prototype. The next stage would be to Reiterate any problems or tweaks found along the way from testing.

Whilst this is a brief explanation of how suljam approaches projects, read more to understand why this is the most beneficial way to tackle design.

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  • Paul Boag

    Suleiman is a pleasure to work with. He is enthusiastic, committed and gets the job done. What more can you ask!

    Paul Boag - Boagworld

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