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  • Paul Boag

    Suleiman is a pleasure to work with. He is enthusiastic, committed and gets the job done. What more can you ask!

    Paul Boag - Boagworld

Featured Articles

  • Suljam at Rails Girls London 2019

    We were two of over 150 coaches, the ratio of coaches to students is pretty much 1:1. This is great for building skills and confidence for people new to coding. You don't have to be particularly interested in coding in Ruby on Rails to come as the whole day is an intro to coding as a whole.

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  • What is UI Design?

    UI or User Interface design is real, I can assure you. It’s always been around but now it is more structured and serious and makes huge differences along with UX design.

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  • Novo Oven App

    Looking into similar apps online or ones around the same type of process the main user interaction seems to be the big dial. Modern interface with minimal controls and customisable presets would be ideal for most users cooking needs.

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  • Pride Before the Fall

    As digital designers and developers, we tend to blow our own trumpet a great deal of the time…

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